Badge Fest -2023

Date: 15th Feb 2023 Author: Chris Pinnell

Westhill Scout Group’s 50th Anniversary 2023

The Year has Started with a Badge Fest!

We started with a badge design competition for Beavers Cubs and Scouts.   Many very colourful and interesting entries were received.   Our runner up was Archer, and the winner was Mairi.  Her design was then made into our celebration uniform badge.

WSG 2023.02 Badge fest. winner pics

The rest of the Group will also have the chance to earn the badge with an involvement in forthcoming 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Also, all the Beavers Cubs, Scouts and Leaders have been given a commemorative “neckie badge.”  This is an adaption of those presented to Group members in 2003 and 2013 for previous anniversaries,

It is to be worn on the corner of the neckie, with the gold border .    . still visible.

Finally GSL Chris announce the purchase of a special limited edition badge – available to the Leaders who will go above and beyond to help run special 50th Anniversary events.   It has some gold coloured threads within the design.


WSG 2023.02 Badge fest article

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