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Common Questions

What is a Disclosure?

A Disclosure is a document containing information held by police and government departments. It can be used by employers and voluntary organisations to make safer recruitment decisions.
The Disclosure service offers organisations a means to check the background of applicants to ensure that they do not have a history that would make them unsuitable for posts they are trying to fill. Disclosures will provide details of a person’s criminal record, including convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings held on the Police National Computer (PNC).

What sort of Disclosure do I need?

The role you have applied for with The Scout Association will determine what level of disclosure is required. Most will get an “Enhanced PVG for working with Children.” This is free of charge
Executive members will also be checked as eligible Trustees.

What information will I be required to include on my ‘New Application’ Disclosure form?

In completing the form you are required to include:

  • Your full name, and any other name that you may have been known by
  • Details of addresses where you have lived during the past five years
  • Your date and place of birth
  • Your national insurance number

In addition, you will be required to provide personal identification documents, including items such as your passport and/or driving licence
The information requested is required by “Disclosure Scotland” to ensure that they are able to confirm and verify your true identity and current address. You should note that in providing this service the Disclosure Service and The Scout Association are committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act. This means that any personal information submitted will be protected. For more information about Data protection, please see the link in the menu area.

What information will I be required to include, if I already have a PVG, on my ‘Existing member Application’ Disclosure form?

  • Your full name, and any other name that you may have been known by
    Details of addresses
  • Your date and place of birth is witnessed by a Scouting representative
  • Passport and Driving licence is also to be witnessed by the Scouting representative
  • Your PVG Number ( NB not the 20000000xxx disclosure reference !)
  • Confirm if any changes from previous PVG certificate.

What happens when I have completed my Disclosure application form?

Your application will then be submitted to the Disclosure Service
At present an online service using the secure Home Office portal is presently NOT available in Scotland. Disclosure Scotland have plans to introduce this from 2020.

Once completed reviewed and reported on – you will receive a paper disclosure certificate in the post from Disclosure Scotland. This also goes to Scouting HQ, to be added to your membership record.

Can I challenge the information on my Disclosure if it is incorrect?

Yes. If you believe the personal information on your Disclosure is incorrect, please contact the Disclosure Scotland on 03000 2000 40 or Email: info@disclosurescotland.gov.scot. You should also advise The Scout Association if you are disputing the information on your certificate so they are aware of additional delays in seeing your certificate.

Who has these forms? And who can help me complete them?
The Group Scout Leader (Chris) and some of the senior members can help new volunteers complete the forms – and they will dispatch these to District Appointments.

If you wish to add a contact – under information see [LINK] and we can get the forms or speak with you.

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