The Adventure Starts Here – Recruiting

Many adults are attracted to offering some help within Scouting. We are keen to find you a role that suits your time availability, your skill-set and the age group you might wish to be involved with.

There are different adult roles; Leader, Assistant Leader, Section Assistant, Executive Committee Members, Active Support Members, and those that offer practical skills.

Enquire through our Join form for Young People interested in joining or for Adults who are interested in volunteering.

There are many more sources of information and recruitment pages see “The Adventure Starts Here“.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about joining Scouting

What roles might I be asked to take?

Leaders: They take responsibility for programmes and events leading the team and the quality of events. Training available, wears uniform.

Assistant Leader:  Assists in the planning and delivery of programmes, assists with records & assessing badges, may act as leader-in-charge, training available, wears uniform.

Section Assistant: Assists with the delivery of the programme, supervises groups at events, inputs to planning and preparations depending on talents (like a “classroom assistant”), essential elements training, option to wear casual uniform.

Executive Committee Member / Trustees (Not involved in direct week night scouting programmes): They meet to manage our activities, to ensure we keep everyone safe, and manage the money. That means ensuring we meet Charities Commissioners requirements (OSCr in Scotland) and manage the mundane activities of licences or financial accounts, and building management. The Exec are also key to ensuring we raise adequate funds so we can offer regular Scouting activities.

Active Support members: These team members are some of the “behind the scenes” people who have an interest to support us, but don’t get involved every week. Some are ex Scouters with a special skill, who might help at bigger events or at special events; others have a direct skill that can be used, like cycling, or climbing, or orienteering and those that offer practical skills are folk who volunteer their time providing painting, electrician work, grounds-man, solicitor, project manager, plumber, handyman.

What time commitment do I have to give?

This really all depends on YOU, and what you and your work/family commitments allows!
We have some Leaders who work on a shift pattern so they attend only when onshore. We have support staff who can add their time a weekends on demand, we have Leaders who attend each week and may spend 3hrs every week and others who are Assistants who help prepare and run sessions only offering one or two hours. Committee members may have 6 meetings lasting 1-2 hrs.

Do volunteers need special training?

Everyone will be experienced enough to ensure we run safe activities, and skilled to help offer interesting and fun activities. Most new people can undertake a 30 minute on-line training session and then be seen to put that learning into practice. If relevant and you are interested a suite of training opportunities are offered. Those new to Leading and taking responsibility for our Young People may choose to develop their skills related to practical skills, to dealing with behaviour challenges, ensuring safe activities, or offering an international experience. Speak to one of the Leaders if you want to know more.

People talk about 'PVG' and 'Child Protection'. What are these?

The Government backed scheme to “Protection of Vulnerable Groups” (PVG), particularly for us focuses on police checks to ensure child protection. Simple forms are required so we can confidently tell parents that their young people will be safe with us.

What are 'accelerated places' for sons/daughters of regular volunteers?

If an adult / parent volunteers to help on a regular basis, and gets appropriate “PVG” clearance then their young person can move towards the top of the Waiting List.

Who wears a uniform?

The Scout Section leaders, and Assistant Leaders wear uniform, and take the Scout Promise during their investiture. Like the Young people take the Promise. Section Assistants (like Classroom Assistants) who don’t take direct responsibility for activities – don’t wear full uniform. They are offered Scout Branded polo shirts or hoodies so they look part of the leadership team.

Does everyone take the Scout Promise?

All Leaders and Assistant Leaders will take a Promise, but nowadays there are appropriate Promises to reflect individuals beliefs. Ask about the non-religious promise, the promises for different faiths, the promise for visiting non-British citizens. Scouting still has deep rooted “fundamental values”. that are reflected when adults take their Promise.

Why volunteer?

Scouting gives huge benefits to children and young adults. It nurtures confidence, and an amazing combination of independence and team-working.

But it’s also a fantastic opportunity for adults who are involved.
Adults who help in all capacities, from scout leaders through adult helpers to committee members and maintenance teams are the lifeblood of scouting.

What many people don’t realise is that no adult needs to have any scouting background to get involved – all you need is to be interested in helping kids to develop or perhaps some relevant experience or your skills- and then the Scout Association takes care of everything else!

Bear Grylls is our Chief Scout but you don’t need to be Bear to help!!!
The Duchess of Cambridge find the time to help at Beavers.

And it’s so rewarding to step up to help out.

You will get a huge buzz from seeing the youngsters have a great time while learning life skills.  You’ll make friends with parents and leaders who share the same values, to help young people to develop.

And, we offer introductory tuition if you are new, and if you want (and only if you want), you can get further training in all things Scouts to help you with all of this.

There really is no downside!

Contact us to find out more, or to discuss what time and skills you think you can offer.

If you would like to know more about the roles above, or to discuss the tasks or responsibilities involved please speak to one of the Leaders or Group Scout Leader, or call the UK National Scouting “Join Us” hotline on 0345 300 1818 (local rate) or 020 8433 7100 or at or complete the Westhill Scouts Join form which will be passed to the appropriate person locally.

If you want to discuss volunteering, potential help you could give, matters concerning the waiting list or other related topics you can email Chris on either

We would welcome you all!

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls